About Buustamon

We look forward to your visit

Buustamon is situated just at the tree line in Ullådalen, 732 meters above sea level, halfway up Åreskutan and enjoys fantastic mountain scenery around the corner. This golden spot offers full service and an amazing welcome for you who like it personal and an “at home” feeling, far away from the every-day stress. Wintertime we don’t even have a proper road to drive up to us, but we will pick you up with our tracked vehicle with scooter.

Our true passion lies in good food and tasteful drinks, to the point that we actually have our very own distillery in the basement. We make our own vodka here, from real mountain water from our own well, and flavor it with herbs and spices from the region. The result is the best tasting schnappses in Sweden. No stone is left unturned, all we await now is a visit from you.


Buustamon’s history goes all the way back to the 18th century. Cows were put out to pasture here in the Middle Ages, and this is where the perfect resting spot could be found. ”Buusta” means windshield in old Jämtland language, and ”mo” is a dry spot on the mire. In preparation of the World Championships in 1954, the old timber cottage from 1880 was moved up the mountain from Rännberg, just outside of Duved. Buustamon quickly became famous as a coffee and waffle place, with lodging possibilities upstairs since the beginning. The fast development that has taken place in Åre has put Buustamon right in the middle of the slopes, right at the tree line, next to Ullådalen. It is an extraordinarily beautiful area, pure nature, perfect for hiking or cross country skiing, and right in the alpine system of Åreskutan.

Today, Buustamon is open all year around, May-November, for pre-booked groups, conferences, mountain weddings and for renting cabins on the mountain. The distillery is producing at full capacity and it is possible to book a unique visit with tasting, perfect to accompany a dinner on the mountain. We tailor conference arrangements and group hikings around Åreskutan. This is suitable for both teambuilding and creative meetings that will help you to reach smart decisions. We are here to make your stay unforgettable. The wonders of nature are just bonus.

Welcome up on the mountain!