Buustamons Distillery

Halfway up Åreskutan, 732 meters above the sea, where the mountain birches meet the barren mountain, lays Buustamon’s Distillery.

Buustamon´s Distillery is one of the smallest legal distilleries in Sweden. Product development is an ongoing process and even if the local knowledge is good when it comes to the noble mysteries of spiritsproduction, new ideas continuously come up, not least from the guests visiting the distillery.

We celebrate adventure and the adventurer

Buustamons history stretches back to the 1700s, a time when adventurers climbed mountains, crossed deserts and oceans without weather forecasting, satellite navigation and emergency services. At the campfire the day´s hardships was summed up and toes and fingers was warmed. And with all certainty they took a strengthening zip before they went to sleep. Something that gave worn souls strength and the stiff muscles relief for tomorrow’s adventures into the unknown. It is for these brave and this Terra Incognita we brew our Aqua Vitae!